Business Writing

Writing forms common to the workplace.

The writing guides within this section of the Tameri site are dedicated to writing in the workplace. Workplace writing is writing that communicates business, technical, or scientific information to individuals who need this information to solve problems or complete tasks. Workplace writing is persuasive, attempting to influence the decisions and actions of people inside and outside of workplace settings.

Different texts and academic institutions group workplace writing with: technical writing, professional writing, technical communiations, business writing, and so on. We will these descriptions based on the type of text being discussed.

The guides and tips we have prepared focuse on writing a variety of documents for business audiences:

Technical Writing

Scientific and technical writing is not limited to the workplace. Some great science writing is published for general audiences. However, within these pages of the Tameri site we discuss basic professional and technical writing as a specialized discipline within business writing. Technical communicators are far more than technical writers, though writing is an essential part of their craft.

Overview of Our Guides

Workplace Writing. It sounds dry and even heartless. How creative, how stimulating, and even how “fun” can writing reports or instructions be? Therein lies a problem of perception and out-dated practice.

Today’s world is in full-color with 5,000 fonts. There’s a World Wide Web, podcasting, and video editing on affordable laptop computers. Your résumé might be an online portfolio, featuring samples of your work. An instruction manual might include a DVD, or be available online with supplemental videos.

Safety and usability also go beyond mere words. If you’re writing about a potentially dangerous piece of equipment there are even ethical and legal reasons to justify using pictures and diagrams. You have choices to make: illustration or photo; color or grayscale; with or without text?

What You Need to Know

Successful workplace writing requires not only knowledge of the types of writing that happen in the workplace, but also practice with the skills needed to compose such texts. Our guides to workplace writing include the following:

  • The genres of workplace writing, such as memos, letters, proposals, instructions, and reports.
  • The skills of rhetorical and audience analysis.
  • The layout and design of visual information, espcially the power of graphics.

Business documents are “cultural artifacts” that reflect the social processes, economic realities, and political constraints of the workplace. In simple terms: you don't want to offend anyone, so learn how your workplace operates. Knowing the conventions for various documents can spare you a lot of misery.


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