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Seminars covering a variety of topics.

For both our clients and our online visitors, we provide the notes to every seminar on this website. The Tameri Guide for Writers website content is based on seminars we conduct for professional and aspiring writers. We’ve collected our notes, various handouts, and random thoughts. For many years, we have been revising and editing hundreds of pages, all of which appear on this site. We hope you find the Tameri Guide for Writers useful.

We hope this website encourages exploration beyond the topics addressed during seminars. For those reading this without the benefit of guided discussions and lively debates, not to worry — the information stands alone.


Writing seminars encourage participants to explore their views on writing and the creative process. Effective seminars are not passive events, unlike most of our college courses. Open and lively discussions expose participants to viewpoints that might challenge their own. Though there are few laws in art, and none associated with a fine, an artist should be confident enough to express and defend his or her opinions.

Instructors with Credentials

C. S. Wyatt earned a doctorate specializing in writing instruction and online technology from the Department of Writing Studies at the University of Minnesota. Susan D. Schnelbach earned a master’s degree in scientific and technical communication, also from Minnesota.

Our seminar series begins with the most difficult topic. Who am I as a writer? Throughout the seminars, this question remains a central theme. Everything one writes reveals part of the answer. Additional seminars cover traditional topics, such as grammar and organization. Other seminar sessions focus on forms and genres. While participants may select specific sessions to attend, we encourage individuals to expose themselves to as much information as possible.

Seminar Topics

You can also visit our Teaching of Writing pages for additional topics.


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