Academic Paper Draft Checklist

Students (and we might suggest all writers) often need a checklist to help with the revision process. The checklist we provide here is only a sample, which we think a teacher could alter to match the requirements of his or her course.

Paper Title:  
  Does the paper have an appropriate and interesting title?  
The paper clearly focuses on the thesis.  
  The thesis is appropriate to the assignment  
  The thesis breadth is reasonable.  
The author’s purpose is clear.  
  The purpose is appropriate to the assignment  
The author has a clear persona.  
  The persona is authoritative on the subject.  
Conventions for the form are followed.  
  The necessary background / introduction is provided.  
  The summary of existing related information is adequate.  
  All sources are properly cited within the text.  
  Any bibliography is properly formatted for this form.  
The paper is organized logically.  
  The paper’s organization method is appropriate for the form.  
  There are smooth transitions between subtopics and themes.  
Facts, evidence, and rebuttals clearly stated.  
  Any opinions or conclusions are supported by previous or new facts.  
  The author includes additional evidence throughout the paper.  
  All biases or differing results are clearly refuted with evidence.  
  Academically valid sources are used for facts and evidence.  
Opening and closing complement each other.  
  The opening grabs readers while communicating the thesis or topic of the paper.  
  The opening paragraphs allude to the purpose and conclusions.  
  The concluding paragraphs offer additional insights and refine the purpose.  


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Writer: C. S. Wyatt
Updated: 08-Mar-2017
Editor: S. D. Schnelbach