Services and Rates

Freelance editing, design, and writing services

Susan Schnelbach and C. Scott Wyatt offer a rare mix of editing and writing services. As freelance editors, our clients range from individuals preparing ebooks to corporations seeking technical documentation.

Referrals and Rates
We currently cannot accept unsolicited new clients, which is a good thing (we’re busy). We maintain this price list as a reference for other writers and editors. These rates do reflect our charges for services as of 2015.


  1. “Standard page” refers to 250 words, a metric dating back to typewritten manuscripts.
  2. Research expenses for writing and creative projects are billed to the client.
  3. Research time is billed according to our consulting rates, unless otherwise negotiated.
  4. Promotional materials include the following: press release, an "about the author" cover blurb, and book summary.
  5. Printing charges apply for additional copies, at $0.10/page.
  6. Work begins after a contract is entered into and any required deposits are paid.

Services Provided

Because we are full-time writers, we accept few clients at this time, usually by referral. Do not take it personally if you contact us and we must decline a freelance opportunity; we work 50 to 60 hours a week on writing projects.

Originally, we hoped Tameri Publications might publish anthologies. However, we found ourselves providing consulting services to other authors and publishers. Today, our services for select, confidential clients include:

  • Writing and Consulting;
  • Manuscript Editing; and
  • Typing and Document Formatting.

Manuscript Editing

Authors may select from four editing services ranging from light copyediting of a manuscript to editorial revising.

(Rates updated June 2012)
Service Description Rate Units
Basic Copyediting Basic light editing addresses issues of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Only major style issues will be corrected. $125 to 10,000 words
$10 each additional
1000 words
Moderate Editing Moderate editing includes basic grammar, spelling, and punctuation. We also address word use, writing conventions, and tone. $180 to 10,000 words
$15 per additional
1000 words
Editing with Editorial Feedback Heavy editing includes the services listed above plus revisions related to story structure and genre norms. Microsoft Word's Review tools are used. $250 to 10,000 words
$20 per additional
1000 words
Hourly Editing We offer fixed hourly rates in rare cases, which are negotiated based on the type of materials to be edited and extent of editing. $25
to 50

Book and eBook Layout and Design

Basic Services

Our Layout and Cover Art services are available a la carte, allowing authors the freedom to create custom publishing solutions.


(Rates updated June 2012)
Service Description Rate Units
Text Only All-text layout with basic book elements (print or ebook) $250 to 250 pages
$25 each additional
50 pages
Book with Visuals Mixed text and few graphics layout (stock images, basic informational graphics) $400 to 250 pages
$35 per additional
50 pages
Extra Visuals Additional charges for custom images, more than 10 informational graphics $250 per graphic
File Conversion Converting from any layout format to another (additional charge) $75 per format

Cover Art

(Rates updated June 2012)
Service Description Rate
Basic Cover Template-based cover, text with limited graphics


Custom Cover Unique cover but limited art / stock images, includes basic back cover $400
Illustrated Cover Custom illustrated cover with matched back (usually photo-based) $800
Distinct Cover "Plus" illustrated cover (generally more complex, one-of-a-kind, paintings or sketches) $1,000

Complete Design and Layout Packages

(Rates updated June 2012)
Service Description Rate
Basic Book Mixed text and graphic book layout, stock art cover $800
Edited Book Editing, mixed text and graphic book layout, and stock art cover $1,800
Full Book Editing, mixed text and graphic book layout, stock art cover, and promotional materials $2,500
Deluxe Package "Plus" level of editing, mixed text and graphic book layout, stock art cover, and promotional materials $5,000

Creative Consulting

We do not provide writer-to-writer coverage analysis for manuscripts, stage plays, or screenplays. We consult on projects in development on a referral-only basis. Many good “coverage” services exist, at rates we cannot match for the time and effort we invest in our clients. We know our rates for creative analysis are above industry norms. Thankfully, our clients understand what we provide is different.

(Rates updated June 2012)
Service Description Rate Unit
Story Analysis and Report Manuscript analysis and report is a detailed report on the general literary elements of a work, as well as mechanical issues. $250 to 250 pages
$75 per additional
100 pages
Script Analysis Script analysis of screenplays and stage plays $400 to 130 pages

Custom Writing

We are available for freelance writing projects and confidential collaboration. Rates are negotiated based on individual projects and reflect industry standards. Please contact us for more information.

Notices and Disclaimers

Services are billed hourly and do not include the costs of any materials, supplies, or equipment rentals. We also charge for long-distance travel and related expenses.


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